Our Offices

The Office of the Treasurer is located in Bryan Hall. Capital Finance and Treasury Operations are located on the second floor of the Poplars building on the Indiana University Bloomington Campus. When visiting our offices, the Poplars Parking Garage located just south of the Poplars Building on East Sixth Street is the closest garage.

Effective 5/8/17, IU Parking has designated the Poplars Garage as employee only. Visitor permits are available for the Poplars Garage. Please email Office of the Treasurer two weeks in advance of visiting to obtain a visitor Parking Permit for the Poplars Garage. Henderson Parking Garage is the next closest parking garage. You can find maps, addresses, and rates of all IU parking garages as well as pay lots and metered parking options on the official IU parking homepage.

Please note that the door entrance to Capital Finance and Treasury Operations on the second floor of the Poplars Building is locked and you will need to tap your ID card in order to scan past the door access reader. Please call either 812-855-6465 or 812-855-8587 to request entrance if your ID card does not grant you access.

locked door requiring card swipe for admittance please call 812-855-6465 or 812-855-8587