Revenue Processing

Responsible for university wide revenue producing activities.  All departments that produce revenue must have an RPAQ (Revenue Producing Activity Questionnaire) on file.  Once approved, departments will be able to accept revenue through various means, including: Cash, Check, ACH, Wire transfer, A/R Lockbox, Internal Billing, OCERS, Payment Cards (credit/debit via POS terminal or online processing), PayPal, etc

Online RPA System
Use this form to submit a Revenue Producing Activity Questionnaire (RPAQ).

RPA System Instructions
How to submit and check the status of an RPAQ, approval instructions for fiscal officers or VP/Dean/Director, and campus routing approval instructions.

RPA Process and FAQs
Find out what an RPA is, how to complete the RPA Process, when to complete an RPAQ, and who is the RPA Committee.

Check Status on my RPAQ
If you have already submitted an Revenue Producing Activity Questionnaire (RPAQ) then you can check on its status.

Budget Template
Use this template as a source of reference to help construct a budget template associated with your own Revenue Producing Activity (RPA).

RPA Policy VI-121
Official IU Policy regarding establishing and modifying revenue producing activities (RPA).