PayFlow Pro

Accepting payments over the Internet must be done in a secure manner. To do this, Indiana University uses PayFlow Pro. It is the role of Treasury Operations to ensure the security of the university receipts and is responsible for administering the PayFlow Pro system. The PayFlow Pro servers house the credit card information in an encrypted format and will only make it available to authorized people.

PayFlow Pro server is accessed for real time authorization through its Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK sends encrypted data to the banking network for authorization of the credit card transactions. Capture and settlement may occur in two processing modes: immediate or delayed settlement. The settlement method chosen depends on the nature of the merchant’s business and requirements of the credit card processor and bank. IU’s arrangement with its credit card processor ensures that transactional information will be timely reflected in the IU financial system. Sensitive credit card numbers will never have a need to be stored on IU resources.

PayFlow Pro also provides for administrative tasks after the payment is complete. Merchants gain effective management of their transactions with search functions, reporting capabilities, and return processing. These services are accessed through the PayPal PayFlow Pro Manager interface.

To begin the process to see if you are eligible to accept payment cards using PayFlow Pro, please click this link.