Sending Money to IU via ACH or Wire


For security reasons Indiana University will no longer post our incoming Wire and ACH instructions on line.   If you are in need of this information please follow the instructions below.

Instructions for Non-IU entities:

For instructions on sending electronic payments to IU please contact the IU department you are doing business with and request the information.  If you or your company have an ACH or wire transfer authorization form you need completed please submit that with your request for information to the department you are working with.

Instructions for IU Students and Families
If paying via ACH debit (direct debit) to your bank account please follow the instructions found on this page:

If paying with a Wire from a non-US bank in either US dollars or in a foreign denominated currency please follow the instructions found on this page:
This link will take you to instructions from our partner Western Union on how to use the Global Pay for Students service.  Using this service is typically less expensive and quicker than conducting a direct wire.

If paying with a direct Wire from your US or foreign bank account please contact your campus bursar office for instructions on how to send payment.   Note this payment method is the most expensive payment option available.  Please reconsider sending payment either via ACH or with Global Pay for Students.

Instructions for IU Staff:

For instructions on sending electronic payments to IU please contact
Your request must include the following information to be complete:

  • Name and address of business or individual requesting banking information
  • Name of IU department money is being sent to
  • Invoice number to be paid or Student Identification number (no SSNs please)
  • Contact name in the IU department
  • IU department phone number and email address

Please note that these instructions are for internal IU employees only.  Any direct requests for IU banking data must go through the department you are doing business with.  Requests through this email box from non-IU employees will not be fulfilled.