Departmental Instructions for Processing Foreign Check

  • Review "Identifying Foreign Check" checklist.
  • Authorized individuals should call Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS): 732-694-2177.
  • Provide WUBS with specifics of the foreign check:
    Check Date
    Check #
    Foreign Amount
    Currency Type
  • WUBS will provide you with the exchange rate and USD equivalent.
  • At this juncture, endorse the check with the endorsement stamp that has been provided.
  • Complete the Foreign Check Clearing Log: first eleven columns of worksheet.
  • Send endorsed check and completed deposit ticket via United Postal Service Certified Mail to:
    Western Union Business Solutions
    Attention: Incoming Check Processing Department
    13710 FNB Parkway, Ste 200
    Omaha, NE  68154
  • Log Certified Mail Tracking Number onto the Foreign Check Clearing Log.
  • Make certain to SAVE information on Clearing Log.


After four business days, review IU Claims Table to see if funds have been received. If there appears to be duplicate outstanding amounts submitted based on the Clearing Log, contact WUBS and you will be advised which foreign check had been processed. Claim the funds and enter the KFS document on the Clearing Log.  SAVE the updated KFS doc #.


In the event of a return check, the Office of the Treasurer will complete the Return Section of the Clearing Log and notify you of the return; at which time you will create the KFS document for the return item.