Larry Stephens

Director Insurance, Loss Control & Claims

Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims (INLOCC)
Poplars 705
(812) 855-0104


Larry is a native of Monroe County (Indiana) and an IU graduate. His parents and three grandparents retired from IU, so he’s been a part of the IU community all his life. He began his IU career in 1970 with the IU police department. With outside stints as a police officer in Jefferson County, Kentucky, a truck driver and an insurance adjuster, he returned to IU in 1985, joining the Property & Casualty Insurance Department, later the Office of Risk Management and finally Insurance, Loss Control & Claims. He has been director since 1987. He has been active in the University Risk Management & Insurance Association for over two decades, including several years on the Board of Directors and two stints as president. He will enjoy his 36th anniversary with the university in 2016.